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Friday 1.8.2017

List of how the budget will affect our wallets Income and Consumption The tax on earned income will be reduced by a total of EUR […]


Thursday 31.8.2017

The tax day of 2 million is approaching – “Last year, 500 000 forgot” The Tax Administation are reminding people that the last day for […]

Wednesday 30.8.2017

Finnair will operate direct flights to Nanjing China. Finnair is again expanding its Asian route network. The company says it will begin direct flights to […]

Tuesday 29.8.2017

The 125 million euro Parliament house renovation is nearly finished. Renovations started in 2015 and today at 13:00 the new and almost finished Parliament house […]

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Monday 28.8.2017

Helsinki Metro signs have been renewed. Instead of the street name, exit signs have now Alphabetic letters, e.g. Exit A-B. This chain aims to simplify […]


Thursday 24.8.2017

Interior Minister Paula Risikko at Yle: 5 300 asylum seekers gone “missing”. About 5 300 asylum seekers have “disappeared” during asylum process and public eye […]

Wednesday 23.8.2017

Public toilet containers for drug syringes are full in a week. There are no blue lights in the city centers public toilets in Helsinki. On […]

Tuesday 22.8.2017

Two unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases are growing in the capital city region – Doctor advises to go to tests. Gastric and chlamydial infections have increased. […]

Monday News Spirit Fm

Monday 21.8.2017

Seppälä has filed for bankruptcy. Famous Finnish clothing chain Seppälä has been in financial difficulties and the tax administration has left bankruptcy notice to Helsinki […]