Heidi Akselin

Heidi is a combination of a lady and a dude. Her headphones and sneakers are her best friends and she rarely spends time apart from them. Claims Xbox was the best boyfriend she ever had. Loves to travel, photograph and dance. Her heart beats hip hop and rap, but she believes good music cannot be limited by genres.

As a kid, when Heidi needed to decide what to do with her life, she thought:

I hate how you’re just born out of nowhere, forced to go to school and get an education so you can get a job. What if I wanted to be a duck?

And that’s exactly what she chose to be. Surrounded by rational and reasonable people, she went after her dreams and in May 2014, graduated from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory as a musician, major in noise. Because life is what you make it.

Questions? Ask – heidi@spiritfm.fi