Spirit FM 101.4 is the only English language music radio station in Finland. We provide local news and information, international news at the top of every hour, humour and the best mix of music for our listeners.

You can find us on your radio dial at 101.4FM in the Uusimaa region, 92.2FM in Turku and at spiritfm.fi. Our listeners are mostly educated, professional Finns, while we also have a complete monopoly when it comes to expats living here in Finland and the 7.5 million tourists who visit the country every year.

We are here to get results for you, given our future growth is dependent on the success of your company. We will help you create marketing plans that achieve results.

Advertising: Spirit FM will carry your message to more people, more often and more immediately than any other media. Radio offers the opportunity to raise your company profile, target specific markets and achieve increased turnover in the most cost-effective manner.

Sponsorship: Spirit FM offers a unique method of linking your company with our many public information services and programme features. Sponsorship is an exciting way to build a special relationship with our listeners through association with our radio brand.

Opportunities include:

  • Weather Bulletins – News – Traffic Travel Reports – Shows
  • Features
  • Competitions
  • Dedicated segments
  • Remote Broadcasts