Spirit FM Broadcasting

Spirit FM is a successful English-speaking radio channel located in Finland. Our programmes are listened to every day by English-speaking Finns and foreigners alike. Our professional recording studio produces high-quality audio adverts by applying ready, time-tested concepts or developing something completely new. Our studio and skilled, experienced employees enable flexible and customer-oriented service. Radio Spirit FM offers you a customized ad campaign on a CCP (complete custom package) basis.


Provides the latest news and information about current events nationwide and aborad, along with funny, easy-to-listen conversations, alongside superb music. As well as native Finnish speakers, our target audience includes all foreigners living and working in Finland, as English is the unifying language. We are trying to reach out to the whole nation, from students to famous leaders. Furthermore, we aim for listeners of a wide range of ages: from 20 up to 50. We want to provide the opportunity to maintain and deepen English language skills, particularly for those who study or work in English. Spirit FM plays international rock and pop songs, from legends of rock to the latest releases and the very best of up and coming local bands – essentially the very best of what you can listen to on the radio.