Wednesday 30.8.2017

Finnair will operate direct flights to Nanjing China.

Finnair is again expanding its Asian route network. The company says it will begin direct flights to East China’s Nanjing next May. Nanjing will thus become Finnair’s seventh destination in China, as the airline also has routes to Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian, Chongqing and Guangzhou. (Kaleva)


Posti gave in because of the public pressure – Mannerheim will have his own stamp.

Finland Post office has today announced that it will publish in honor of 150th anniversary of marshal Carl Gustav Mannerheim (1857-1951) his own stamp. Last December Posti told that there will be no stamps with Mannerheim, and this decision was highly criticized on social media. (Länsiväylä)


Images of Finland’s fox farms shocks Worldwide.

Images of a massive overfed arctic foxes on Finnish fur farms have spread to more than 20 countries in the media. Pictures have published in widely-used magazines and websites in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. (Demokraatti)


Electric cars will have their own lane on Länsiväylä.

After the opening of new metro line, bus traffic will drop by 90% on Länsiväylä. Therefore a new plan to use the empty lane is for cars with CO2 emissions less than 80 g/km. This means, only electric and hybrid cars will be able to use the current bus lane. (Tekniikka & Talous)


S-Group is again dropping the prices.

According to the company, prices of hundreds of products will drop today in Prisma. S-Markets will also offer more discounted products. Price drops also include products such as chicken, meatballs, rice pies  and bread. (Länsiväylä)