Wednesday 23.8.2017

Public toilet containers for drug syringes are full in a week.

There are no blue lights in the city centers public toilets in Helsinki. On the other hand, they have inbuilt containers for drug syringes. This has been the case since the introduction of the green city toilets a decade ago. Currently containers are being filled within a week.

-Of course, the public toilets are not meant for drug users. Without the collection containers, there is a risk that syringes are left on the floor or they end up on the ground outside, which can cause danger for others.

According to Kaarlo Simojo, Senior Clinical Practitioner at A-Clinic, injection drugs are most popular in Finland. (Helsingin Uutiset)


All speed cameras will be turned on today – the police started a 24-hour speed watch marathon.

The watch started from 6 am today and ends tomorrow at 6 am. According to the police, all available speed cameras will be turned on. There are about 120 cameras in total, and this is the first time having them all on at the same time. In addition, all 24 traffic control cars will be mobile today and police are performing standard speed controls around the country. (Turun Sanomat)


The police closed down a major drug smuggling operation – 30 people are suspected of spreading methamphetamine

The police in East Uusimaa have been investigating the spread of methamphetamine between November 2016 and May 2017. Rauno Jämsä, the investigative director of the case, tells Ilta-Sanomat that this time the police were successful in tracking the people involved in importing and distributing of the drug organisation.
Several kilos of methamphetamine was distributed mainly in Helsinki and Vantaa. (Iltasanomat)


President Niinistö: Security shaken, but closing borders leads to isolation.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said that last week’s knife attack in Turku may have disrupted the country’s sense of security, but he added that the country must follow international agreements concerning issues like asylum and immigration. Niinistö made the comments in Helsinki on Tuesday. (Yle News in English)