Wednesday 16.8.2017

Two bodies in one week in Vuosaari.

The police are now investigating if the two deaths are connected. One body was found in Mustakivenpuisto and second one in the neighborhood apartment on the next day. (Iltalehti)


Stockmann believes the department store and e-commerce unit will become profitable next year.

The department store group Stockmann is confident that its department store and e-commerce business will return a profit next year. According to Stockmann, net sales are on a stable level and sales have grown slightly in fashion as in cosmetics. (Aamulehti)


The number of vacancies grew by 20%, but for the most positions is “difficult to find workers”.

The number of vacancies has increased by 20 percent, according to Statistics Finland. In April-June, there were 36,800 vacancies, compared with 30,600 last year. Employers estimate that more than half of the vacancies are difficult to fill. There are a lot of jobs in the construction and trade sector, where employers find it difficult to find qualified workers. (MTV)


Students drop out of high school or professional studies because of the lack of money – the teaching materials are too expensive.

Every fourth student drops out of secondary education partly because of the shortage of money, says Save the Children Association. They believe that money shortage is a major barrier towards education for young people. According to the organization, the total cost of the high school can rise to € 2,600 and the price of some vocational qualifications are even higher. Costs are caused, for example, by textbooks and work equipment such as protective clothing which is not provided by the schools. (MTV)


The ministry demands for higher education institutions to abandon their entry examinations next spring.

Next spring, high school entrance examinations will be lightened, also the matriculation examination will be a more general choice for entrance exams. Soon, a college diploma will be enough to enter for higher education. (Helsingin Sanomat)