Thursday 31.8.2017

The tax day of 2 million is approaching – “Last year, 500 000 forgot”

The Tax Administation are reminding people that the last day for payment of property tax is approaching. First payment is due on Monday, the 4th of September. There are in total 2 million taxpayers in Finland. Last year 500 000 forgot to pay property tax, and an additional fee for delayed payment was 3 million euros. (Helsingin Uutiset)


Rescue dogs will soon have their own clinic.

The amount of rescue dogs is on the rise in Helsinki. Vets don’t have enough knowledge on the diseases rescue dogs may be carrying, and these dogs might need special treatments during their visit to the vets. Most dogs come to Finland from Romania, Spain, Serbia, Latvia and Estonia. (MTV)


71 people were accidentally notified of a study place.

In the summer, 71 students received incorrect information about getting a place to study in University of Eastern Finland, although in reality, the score of those applicants was not enough to get the study place. The Board considers the present electronic study path system (Opintopolku) problematic. 22 accepted the  place before the false information was discovered. (MTV)