Thursday 17.8.2017

Finnish customs discovered illegal import of dope and other drugs – value of seized goods over 360 000€

Customs has revealed the illegal import and distribution of large-scale dope and other drug substances in Finland. Two people from Nothern Savo are suspects of importing and distributing doping and other drugs in an anonymous Tor network since August last year. Raw matierals for doping was mostly mpoterted from Germany and China, and arrived to Finland as postal packages. (EES)


Large 1970’s built neighborhood of rented apartments will be re-built in Espoo.

Espoo Apartments (Espoo Asunnot) are planning to start re-building their Suvela houses in Espoo Keskus next year. Current houses will be partly demolished and new houses will be 5-12 floors high, with part for state supported youth houses and right-of-occupancy dwelling. Final plans will by approved by council in fall. (Länsiväylä)


Four prisons will have open doors next weekend.

It is the 150th anniversary of centralized prison administration in Finland and to celebrate this, four prisons will hold an open doors day on last weekend of August. Guests are welcome to Hämeenlinna, Kylmäkoski, Ylitornio and Mikkeli prisons, where guests can learn about prison environment. (Kaleva)


Recci turns rags into raw materials.

Finnish clothing recycling company Recci is taking actions regarding clothing and textile recycling in Finland by collecting rags and sending them to Germany where they will be turned into raw materials that are commonly found in insulation of cars and washing machines. Director, Juha-Matti Kykkänen tells that only 20% of clothes they receive end up for re-sale, 77% recycled for raw material and 3% is used for energy. Helsinki city has given an environment award to Recci this year for their efforts. (Länsiväylä)