Thursday 10.8.2017

Man tried to smuggle nearly 100kg of Finnish cheese to Russia inside minivans structure.

Russian customs found 99kg of Finnish cheese inside of the structure of Volkswagen Caravelle. Currently, Finnish cheese is on a list of restricted goods prohibited from being imported to Russia. (Iltalehti)


MP Sari Sarkomaa (Kokoomus) demands to develop EoLC

Sari Sarkomaa proposes to readjust autumn budget in end-of-life care and set appropriations into addtional training and supplementary education in EoLC and palliative care. (Verkkouutiset)


Passenger railway has been opened into public market.

Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner believes this will increase the number of passengers. Trains will run on a more regular basis and customer service will improve. Buscompany Onnibus has expressed interest in the new market. (MTV)