Summer Waterfront agile event-organizing concept expands

Helsinki and Espoo are encouraging their citizens to organize events on the city waterfronts during the summer of 2017, in accordance with the Rantakesä – Summer Waterfront – concept, which was launched in Helsinki in the summer of 2015.

The concept is joined by Espoo this year. What’s exceptional about Summer Waterfront in terms of event organizing is that events only need to be reported on a digital map and that the organizers commit themselves only to adhering to the event etiquette. These measures replace the normal permit process. Coordinating the programme of events is Yhteismaa ry, which is known for other happenings such as the Cleaning Day recycling festival, outdoor dining events and the Nifty Neighbour neighbourhood social media.

This summer, 19 sites have been reserved on Helsinki and Espoo waterfronts for events. Information on the sites and events as well as instructions to organizers and attendants can be found on The events are also reported on this website. The events must be free for all and free of charge. Disorderly or commercial events are not accepted.