No more on-board ticket sales on commuter trains

No more on-board ticket sales on Helsinki region commuter trains after June 19

Helsinki region commuter train services will have new customer service model will be introduced in June. Ticket sales on commuter trains will end. Conductors will remain on trains and work in pairs. The change applies to HSL area trains and VR’s commuter trains. At the same time, VR’s commuter traffic area will be extended to Tampere.Most passengers already buy their tickets from ticket machines or use a Travel Card or mobile tickets. The share of tickets sold on trains has been steadily decreasing. Last year, the share of ticket sales on trains in VR’s commuter traffic area decreased by 40% from the previous year. To compensate for the end of ticket sales by conductors, ticket machines taking credit and debit cards will be installed at all train stations in the Helsinki Region Transport area.