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Monday 28.8.2017

Helsinki Metro signs have been renewed.

Instead of the street name, exit signs have now Alphabetic letters, e.g. Exit A-B. This chain aims to simplify the old street name exit to more broader and greater information for the travellers and tourists. (Helsingin Kaupunki)


Russians have bought large amount of land, that are now standing unused.

Few years ago, Russians were buying land and property in Finland, but now the interest has fallen and there are half built houses and projects left abandoned around North-West Finland. It is impossible for municipality to track the owners of the properties. (Iltalehti)


Espoo city will receive 1000 new parking restriction signs.

In large areas, many citizens have complained of not seeing parking restriction signs in Espoo after receiving a ticket. There are areas where a sign can be up to one kilometre away informing the driver that parking is not allowed. Now the city is planning to add new parking signs to distinguish areas, making it clear for the drivers where parking is prohibited. (Länsiväylä)


Property prices keep rising.

The prices of properties have increased by 3,9% in capital city region in comparison to last year. Prices on old apartment houses have increased by 0,3% in entire country between June and July. (Arvopaperi)