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Monday 14.8.2017

VR railway services will stop today at 18:00 and will run normal again on Wednesday morning.

Train drivers demand fair play in the railway industry and the union oppose VR’s plans regarding the lease of the equipment. Trains Allegro and Tolstoi to Russia will depart as usual. (Aamulehti)


Man who bought two brand new BMWs failed to import them through Finnish customs – The prosecutor demands conditional imprisonment for tax evasion.

The Pirkanmaa district court is going through a case where a man is being charged for tax evasion on two cars. One of the cars had Estonian number plates and second one was brought from Germany. The car from Germany had temporary number plate but eventually car got registered in Estonia. Tax on both cars would have been 22 000€.  The court will make the decision on punishment later. (Aamulehti)

A man who is a suspect for installing five skimming machines in Tampere has been caught in Helsinki.

Helsinki police caught foreign man who is believed to have installed several card skimming machines in petrol stations across Tampere. Petrol stations are common targets and station staffs are checking the machines frequently during the day. (Länsiväylä)

Five-year-old lost tourist-boy was wandering on the road – Nobody helped.

Eventually, the wife of the Traffic Safety Officer saw the boy walking between the cars and went to help him find his parents. Traffic Safety Officer Dennis Pasterstein is shocked how people ignored the boy and did not help him in the first place. (Verkkouutiset)

Soon you’re able to live on a boat permanently in Helsinki.

Kipparlahti in Helsinki Herttoniemi will be the first harbour in Finland for boat homes. Discussion about permanent living on a boat in Helsinki has been going on for 20 years and it’s finally being accepted. This means, house boats will have addresses, water and electricity available 24/7. Helsinki city wants to strengthen its nautical image and possibilities in alternative living. (Helsingin Uutiset)