Wednesday 9.8.2017

Police send almost 200 teens away from the beach in Espoo.

Young adults and teens gathered at the Mellsten beach in Espoo on Tuesday to celebrate the start of academic year. Police had to clear the area because they caused disturbance in the neighborhood. (Vantaan Sanomat)

16 year old boy found dead under the bridge in Kotka.

The young man was found dead beneath Kyminlinnantie Bridge in Jokipuisto. The boy’s body was found by the passer-by who called the emergency center at 8 am on Tuesday. ¬†According to the Southeast Finland Police, there is crime involved. However, the police have not stated what has caused the young mans death. (Iltalehti)

Ministry wants to pull of ticket inspectors in capital city region.

Currently, 15 stations are still missing ticket machines. Ministry is now pushing answers from HSL on how they will manage ticket sales after taking conductors off the trains. HSL will need to give their answer to the ministry by 6th of September, before Ministry is able to take any further actions. (Helsingin Sanomat)

Government is planning to open passenger railway into an open market.

VR is owned by the government and rules the current market, but they are planning to extend the passenger railway into an open market to increase transportation from Southern Finland. Minister Berner will hold a news conference about the changes today at 12. (Iltalehti)