Tuesday 8.8.2017

Full tourist bus crushed into a tree on Mannerheimintie. Passengers injured – driver had a seizure.

Bus of 40 passengers crashed into a tree this morning on Mannerheimintie 33, Taka-Töölö area. Several passengers were injured, and driver is being treated in hospital. (Helsingin Sanomat)


Strong Finnish liquor ‘Koskenkorva’ will be sold in America.

Infinium Spirits will be importing Koskenkorva to the US. Altia informs, that Koskenkorva Vodka is already exported to 30 countries world wide. (Turun Sanomat)


Finnish Police is monitoring the traffic near schools.

Many schools open their doors for students on Thursday morning. Monitoring will begin early on Thursday around Helsinki area to ensure safety and stability of traffic. Police remind, that only children under 12 are allowed to ride their bicycles on the pavement.
Police officers will be carrying reflectors as give away for the kids and adults. (Helsingin Uutiset)


3/4 of first graders carry a phone.

In July a survey made by DNA found, 3/4 of the first graders have a phone, and half of them are bought as brand new. Upto September phone and telecommunication businesses are in their second busiest peak season, just before the schools begin. (Kaleva)


Helsinki-Tallinn trips by Viking Line FSTR are still being cancelled.

The repairs of the boat have been delayed. Trips from Helsinki-Tallinn at 08:00 and 13:oo, and Tallinn-Helsinki at 10:30 and 15:30 are cancelled. (Ilta-Sanomat)


New HSL ticket machines for stations are delayed.

The reason for the delay is the design and manufacturing of the HSL ticket machines. HSL has had this problem since 2013. The machines were designed only with coin payment option and the supplier was unable to change or add other payment options. Currently, the new machines that HSL were expecting to receive were the wrong size, meaning they were unable to be installed into the designed spots. (Helsingin Uutiset)