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Friday 11.08.2017

Finland will be the first country to raise flags on nature day.

Minister of interior has given an order to raise flags for nature day, celebrated on 26th of August. During the day, over 1000 choir singers will gather in 35 national parks and other various nature and historical destinations to sing in honor of Finland 100. (Verkkouutiset)


Väinö Linnas son is criticising the Unknown Soldier (fin. Tuntematon Sotilas) merchandise.

The new version of unknown soldier by Aku Louhies will be premiered on 27.10.2017, and movie merchandise includes Sini -brand cleaning equipment, Vichy bottles and other various products. Väinö Linnas son Petteri Linna, is criticising the merchandise on Helsingin Sanomat opinion section, that his father would have not approved such products. It wasn’t what Petteri Linna, the heir of Unknown Soldier was expecting merchandise to be. (Iltasanomat)


Man drove his car into crowded pavement in Kallio on Thursday evening. [VIDEO]

One person got injured when a man drove a car into crowded pavement on Pergerkatu in Kallio. Everything started with a mass fight that ended with a man taking his car and driving it into people. (Helsingin Sanomat)


Train drivers’ protest set to shut down Finland’s rail network starts Monday

The Finnish state railways VR says that a nationwide protest by train drivers which starts Monday evening is expected to shut down the rail network all that night and all day Tuesday. (Yle News in English)