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Friday 1.8.2017

List of how the budget will affect our wallets

Income and Consumption

The tax on earned income will be reduced by a total of EUR 270 million. This will compensate for increases in the Competitiveness Agreement. According to the Taxpayers’ Central Association, the middle income purchasing power will remain virtually unchanged.

Beer cans will increase by 4 cents, bottle of wine 27 cents and bottle of Koskenkorva 55 cents.

Tobacco price will increase 60 cents.

A car worth app. 32,000 euros will be reduced by about 210 euros thanks to a car tax reduction. Additional funding is provided for extending the scrap metal program.

The cost of oil heated houses will increase by 45€ euros per year and districts heating by 12 euros per year.


Children and families

Low-  and middle income families childcare costs will be reduced by 70 million from the beginning of 2018. Free childcare will be provided to 6,700 families. The second child’s childcare discount will be raised to 50%.

A free trial of five year olds preschool will be launched in 2018-2019. Five million euros are used for the experiment.

Single-parent support will rise by 5 euros per month.

Maternity allowance increases by 30 euros. It is used for the development of better content of the maternity package.

Three million euros will be added to the treatment of drug abusing mothers.



The guaranteed pension rises to around € 15 per month.

Severance allowance, parental allowance, rehabilitation allowance and special care allowance are increased. The increase will be 8 million euros in total per year.


Unemployed and employment

Unemployment security is allowed for six months of full-time studies.

The provision of wage subsidy for under-30-year-old interviews will be added.

Additional sites are directed specifically to the unemployed and young people undergoing unemployment. The increase will cost 9.4 million euros. (MTV)


Man convicted of drowning deaths wants court to dismiss 14-year prison sentence.

Courts of Appeal in Eastern Finland have begun weighing the case of a man convicted on two counts of manslaughter and three of attempted manslaughter. The convict wants the court to overturn his 14.5-year prison sentence, but the district prosecutor is calling for a harsher sentence and a public safety assessment. (Yle News in English)


Toxic gas which spread into the premises of the Helsinki School is still a mystery.

Around two o’clock yesterday students and teachers felt stinging gas in the premises of Stadin Vocational College. Helsinki police will continue to investigate the accident of a dangerous substance. According to the police, there is still no information on what the substance was. About 41 people were taken to the hospital because of the irritation of the respiratory system  (Helsingin Uutiset)


23-year old Finnish citizen is believed to be involved in the Turku attack.

23 year old Zuhriddin Rashidov is believed to be involved in the Turku attack and police are currently searching for this man. Swedish police are helping Finland with current investigation to catch those involved. (Ilta-Sanomat)


Civilian prevented a young boy getting into a van with strange men.

On Tuesday evening police received information about two man who tried to seduce a 13 year old boy into a van in Kerava. The boy told the police that men were inviting him for dinner. A civilian interrupted the We <3 Kerava -Facebook group. (Helsingin Uutiset)


Price of petrol will rise next week.

The world market price for fuel has risen, says Mika Wiljanen, Managing Director of St1 Oy. Price increases are likely to effect Finland next week. Both gasoline and diesel prices are rising world wide. (Helsingin Uutiset)