City of Helsinki Family Support website now available in English

Being a parent is not always easy, but it is comforting to know that many others grapple with the same types of difficulties. Parents do not  have to be together to be good parents, and the composition of families varies a lot. The children may, for example, only live with one parent  or in several homes as part of a reconstituted family.

Notions of the baby

The child grows and develops in the womb for nine months. The birth of parenthood takes at least as long. Becoming a parent is one important  transitional phase in life, which gives the chance to consider and  review one’s own thoughts and experiences and learn something new about yourself. One’s future parenthood is strongly influenced by two things:  early experiences of childhood and what kind of mental image one has of  the baby during the pregnancy.

These are some of the topics you will find on the website, which is now  available in English.