Don Johnson Big Band – Dec.21 at Tavastia

Don Johnson Big Band is an alternative hip hop group from Helsinki, Finland. Their music blends influences from a variety of genres such as electronic music, funk, rock and jazz.

The name “Don Johnson Big Band” comes from the actor Don Johnson in the series Miami Vice. The band had to come up with a name to reserve a place for training. Don Johnson Big Band consists of four people: Tommy Lindgren (vocals), Kari Saarilahti (guitar), Johannes Laiho (keyboards) and Pekka Mikkonen (horns). Despite their name, they are not a big band, but instead a mix between rap, hip hop, techno, jazz, blues and rock. Regular featuring artists on DJBB gigs and albums are Juuso Hannukainen (percussion), Tero Rantanen (percussion), Emma Salokoski (vocals), and Teppo Mäkynen (turntables).

open 20-04

Club Tavastia
Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6
00100 Helsinki